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You can enjoy conversation over coffee (or even skype) with a friendly tutor.

 I will pair you up with a partner who is a good match for you depending on your interests and schedule.
Focus on your writing, speaking, listening, reading, presentation skills... your choice.


This is a very personal way to improve your English rapidly.






I have found the best people in New York City who love discussing many topics.
We also have certified English teachers from the Department of Education.


friendly, interesting, intelligent



writers, artists, business professionals and teachers
who are familiar with the skills you need.





(availability for 2 students)

Work / Field - healthcare, analytics, administration, the arts
Interests / Hobbies - making music, exploring the city, photography, dancing, writing
"I believe everyone is an artist and should explore their dreams." 
Note: Anna's specialty is resume (CV) and cover letter revision.


Ilona Ilona

(on vacation - not currently available)

Work / Field- HR Strategy focusing on emerging markets

                       (studied philosophy and sociology at NYU)

Interests / Hobbies - reading, baking, event planning, singing
Ilona organizes many of the fun events with Nicole for Empire English.
She speaks to people in other countries by phone on a daily basis for her work.  
She has done voice competitions, broadway type musicals, and opera.
"I am interested in all sorts of things, especially if it involves COFFEE or weird and quirky stuff!"


Rich Rich 

(availability for 2 students)

Work / Field - ESL teacher
Interests / Hobbies - sports, camping, writing
 "What's up? I love being active, whether it's in NYC or escaping to the great outdoors."



Jonathan Wong Jon

(availability for one more student)

Work / Field - Department of Education, Finance
Interests / Hobbies - Sports!!! (especially soccer)
"I grew up in upstate New York, with beautiful mountains that are famous for hiking. Nicole and I both grew up in the same hometown. And, like Nicole, I love traveling. I have a great passion for sports and as a side job, I am a basketball referee in NYC." 
Gabby Gabrielle 

(on vacation - not currently available)

Major:  Pre-Law, Art History and Writing (currently at Sarah Lawrence University)
Interests / Hobbies: writing, art, community service, public policy, cooking
"I'm always excited to meet new people. Everyone can learn from each other. In my spare time, I love taking my dogs (Judd & Leo) to the park. I also love taking cooking classes and traveling."

(via skype - in San Francisco)

Work / Field
- writer, professor, audio engineer
- Founder and Editor of Nomadic Sojourns Journal  
- a doctoral candidate in Media and Communications at a European Graduate School 
Interests / Hobbies - outdoors & traveling
"I love to teach and know that there is always more to learn and further skills to acquire and hone. It is one of the most fun and rewarding things in the world to help someone with their English skills."

Francis Francis
(availability for one more student)
Major: Physical Therapy
Interests / Hobbies: working out, traveling, volunteering
"I'm a mellow, easy-going guy who always likes trying new things. Life hands us surprises every day and quite often those surprises are learning opportunities."
 Mimi Mimi 

(availability for one more student)

Work / Field:  Graphic Design, Interactive Design, Web Design, Mobile Design
Interests / Hobbies: Cooking, Gardening, Beekeeping, Homesteading
"I really like a quiet evening with friends or spending the day outside with my bees or in my garden. Do you have any hobbies you love to do? Let's meet up and talk about them."
Scott  Scott 
(no spots currently available)

Work / Field:  copywriting, writing, marketing
Interests / Hobbies: volunteering
"Work can consume your life. Take a break every once in a while to relax and chat over coffee."
(on vacation - not currently available)
Work / Field:  marketing, advertising, HR policies and healthcare
Interests / Hobbies: local & national politics, sports, shopping
"I like to get out there and be active. Softball, snowboarding, kayaking, biking, you name it. And I can't wait for the latest trends! Fashion, celebrities, music... yeah, I keep up with it all."   

(availability for one more student)


Work / Field:  auditor for New York State
(works on contracts and audits, most notably the Freedom Tower and the Brooklyn Arena)  BSBA in finance from the University of Florida

Interests / Hobbies: sports, photography, FOOD!!!
"I really love playing flag football and I am a huge New York Jets fan! I also love watching movies, biking, and trying new foods."
(no spots currently available)

Work / Field: psychotherapist with an LMSW

                     Lauren has her own private therapy practice in Brooklyn. 


Interests / Hobbies: concerts, art, reading, cooking, running, children, making things

"One of my specialties is dealing with people who are having a difficult time with transitions and adjustments. I know it is hard learning a new language, especially while living abroad."  


John  John
(available for private lessons at the retreat)
NOTE: John accompanies the outdoor trips in upstate NY and lives in the Empire English house! 
Interests / Hobbies: sports, animal rescue, writing
"My greatest passion is playing sports with my son and the students who come upstate. A little ball action or nice hike makes the perfect day!"

 Most tutors are available via skype.

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